Proto-type to product complete - and everything in between.
Concept Metals Group has combined the versatile capability of 3 manufacturing companies into an integrated metals group that offers unique, full-service capability in custom-formed and finished metal components.

Capabilities include metal fabrication, roll forming, stamping and powder coating along with other value-added services such as welding, metal finishing, assembly, sequencing, finished product complete and supply chain management.

Capabilities of Concept Metal Products

Concept Metal Products


Over 25 years experience in roll forming with 30+ roll-form lines and 50+ presses.

  • Materials include: cold and hot rolled steel, galvanized, stainless steel, brass, coated materials, pre-painted, aluminum and high-strength materials.
  • Material range .019 - .112 with varying widths and unlimited lengths.
  • Roll forming, stamping, welding, stretch bending, metal finishing, assembly, product complete and supply chain management.
  • Class A surfaces integrated with our “Integricoat” powder coating and finished product expertise.
  • Lean practices in place making roll forming possible in discreet quantities and low volume—all while maintaining price competitive on high-volume production.
Capabilities of Concept Metal Fabrication

Concept Metal Fabrication


Over 30 years experience–specializing in light gage sheet metal fabrication–from .024 to .120.

  • Materials include cold roll, hot roll, and high-strength steels.
  • Work with plate up to .250 - rod, tube and bar stock, and other materials required by our customers.
  • Laser cutting, shear, CNC metal forming, secondary operations, turret punching, welding, and assembly.
  • Class A surfaces integrated with our “Integricoat” powder coating and finished product expertise.
  • One-off, quick turn proto-typing, low to intermediate volume is what we do every day.
Capabilities of Integricoat



Over 12 years of experience powder coating almost any metal surface including: carbon steels, aluminum, die cast, and brass.

  • Work with all forms of metal including: metal fabricated, roll-formed and other processed metal parts consistently.
  • Powder Chemistry types: Super TGIC Polyesters, Hybrids, Epoxy, and Urethane.
  • Finishes: Smooth in both low and high gloss, Textures, Hammer-tones.
  • High-end, class “A” visual surface coating is our specialty.
  • Integrated capabilities: powder coating, assembly, packaging, kitting, sequencing, product complete, supply chain management.